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Call outs

The team responds to about 30 incidents a year. A simple evacuation from the moors or woodland might only take a couple of hours, however a missing person search can be anywhere from 1 hour to several days and nights, with each operational period normally lasting up to 8 hours.

In the event of a call out, our team Incident Controllers are contacted by the police, fire or ambulance services, and if we are required to respond, a text message is sent to all of the team. A large number of the call outs are “non mountain rescue” – searching for vulnerable missing people in rural locations.

We regularly work with our neighbouring teams from West Cornwall, Dartmoor and Exmoor, as well as specialist resources from the Mountain Rescue Search Dogs – England.

18 nov

At 1233 the team were requested to assist Devon & Cornwall Police in the search for a missing despondent female in the Roche area.

As the team were preparing to deploy to join the search, the missing person returned home safe.

14 Nov

The team were deployed very early this morning to assist Devon & Cornwall Police in the search for a missing male believed to be injured in the Bodmin area.

At around 10am the searchers were stood down as Police intelligence determined that the missing person had returned to his home address in Camelford.

4 Nov

At 1838 hours the team was called to assist Devon & Cornwall Police with the search for a missing autistic male near St Ive, Liskeard.

With temperatures hovering just above freezing, team members searched fields, steep ground, rivers, woodland and head high bracken until around 1am, working alongside a National Police Air Service HQ police helicopter and Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England dog handler. Fortunately, the missing man returned home, cold but well, and the team stood down to clean off kit and head to our beds.

17 oct

Mid Saturday morning Devon and Cornwall Police requested the teams help to search and area of woodland near Bojea Industrial Estate, St Austell looking for a high risk missing person. Team members were on scene for approximately 7 hours searching woodland, disused quarries and derelict buildings unsuccessfully. The following day the missing person sought help from a member of the public after sleeping rough in a different area. We are pleased that this incident had a positive outcome and the individual is now receiving the help he needs.

9 oct

At 16.11 the team were requested to assist Devon and Cornwall Police in the search for a high risk missing person in St Austell. After 2 hours of searching the gentleman was found safe and well and returned home.

16 sep

Just as the team management were setting up at the base for a new trainee introduction evening we received reports of someone calling for help in the Golitha Falls area. As the first team members arrived on scene we were informed that two members of the public had helped the individual back to the car park.

28 aug

At 1400 hrs we were called out by Devon & Cornwall Police to attend a 14yr old female with a suspected broken ankle on top of Rough Tor near Camelford.

Team members and a 4 x 4 vehicle were immediately dispatched but stood down en route as the Cornwall Air Ambulance and South West Ambulance Service Trust were on scene and able to transfer the casualty to an ambulance without our assistance.

20 aug

At around 1530 hrs we were called out by Devon & Cornwall Police to Higginsmoor Woods - better know as Lanhydrock or Respryn Woods to assist South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust with a casualty who was suffering from repeated severe back spasms, near to the bank of the River Fowey.

The casualty was provided with pain relief and carefully placed in to a casualty bag and team stretcher, utilising a vacuum mattress. From there, we carefully carried her back to a waiting ambulance as smoothly as possible.

In total, 14 team members were involved for just under 3 hours.

We hope she makes a speedy recovery.

14 aug

Today at 1221 hours we were requested by Devon & Cornwall Police to assist South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust with an 18 year old female who was suffering with breathing difficulties at Golitha Falls.

11 volunteers responded to the rescue, with two members heading off ahead to confirm the location and assist paramedics who were already on scene. Following treatment, the casualty was able to walk back to the ambulance with help from the ambulance crew and attending team members.

11 aug

Our busy week of callouts continued this evening with a request to assist South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust from Devon & Cornwall Police. At 1824 hours the team received information concerning a 29 year old male who had landed awkwardly at Gold Diggings Quarry on Bodmin Moor after jumping 30 feet from the quarry edge in to the water below. There were concerns that may have injured his back, and we had 14 team members deploy on to the moor to help him.

Our first team members on scene assisted Devon Air Ambulance Trust and a critical care car from Cornwall Air Ambulance. The air ambulance crew stabilised and prepared the casualty, and we then helped to carry him out of the quarry, ready for onward transport direct to Derriford Hospital by helicopter. This was a great example of quick and efficient multi agency working between the various emergency services and rescue charities in Devon and Cornwall. We're all still having to work in full Covid-19 PPE as well to protect ourselves and others.

We wish him all the best and hope he makes a speedy recovery.

9 aug

At 1557 hours today the team went to our second callout of the weekend to assist South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust, this time at a quarry at Trelow Downs near St Jidgey. An off road biker in his 20's had come off and sustained a nasty break to his lower right leg.

Our first team member was at the casualty within 25 minutes, closely followed by more of the team. His leg was splinted and he was taken to the ambulance using a local 4x4 which was already there.

8 aug

At 1415 hrs today Devon & Cornwall Police called out the team to assist South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust with the rescue of a 72 year old lady who had taken a fall on Rough Tor, Bodmin Moor. With some of the country sweltering in wall to wall sunshine, Bodmin Moor was shrouded in mist and we were fortunately able to get one of our team vehicles very close to the casualty.

We confirmed her location using Sarloc Rescue which saved us a lot of time in having to find her. The lady was stabilised, given pain relief and protected from the weather. We treated her for a suspected fracture to her lower right leg and then carried her by stretcher to the car park just as the ambulance arrived to convey her to hospital. All in all, 12 team members and one Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England search dog were involved and as we're still following Covid-19 protocols, our members were wearing PPE to minimise risk to themselves and others. All kit was then cleaned ready for the next call out. This was also a first outting of our new vacuum splints kindly donated by Front Line Emergency Equipment Trust. This equipment makes a huge difference to how we manage injuries like these.

We wish the lady a speedy recovery and thank her friends and family for raising the alarm early and their help.

25 jul

We received a request to provide additional resources to assist Dartmoor Rescue Group with a search for a missing person in the Cullompton area of Devon. As we were preparing to deploy, the Plymouth team were stood down from another call-out so they assisted in the search and ECSRT were put on standby to cover the Plymouth area for the duration.

23 Jul

We were called out in the late morning by Devon & Cornwall Police to assist South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust with the rescue of two casualties in Pencarrow Woods near Bodmin. It had been reported that a male and female had fallen 6-7 metres off a small cliff and that a technical rescue would be required.

Thankfully on arrival it was established that wasn't quite the case although they had taken a bad fall. The lady was carried a short distance to the ambulance with help from Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service and the gentleman was able to walk back. We wish them both a speedy recovery.

20 & 21 Jul

For two days we provided extra support for an ongoing search across West Cornwall for a missing lady. Despite the combined best efforts of Devon & Cornwall Police, Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team - Plymouth, West Cornwall Search & Rescue Team, Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England and the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, the enquiries to locate her continue.

8 jul

At 6 AM the team were requested to search for the driver of a vehicle who was missing after a road traffic collision on the A38 near Landrake. With the task comprising searches along the edge of the busy A38 during rush hour traffic deployment of the team was suspended due to safety concerns whilst other possibilities were eliminated. In the event the missing person was found following police enquiries.

19 Jun

At 10.15am this morning we were called out by via Devon & Cornwall Police to assist South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust with an injured walker in woodland at Valley Truckle, Camelford. On our arrival Cornwall Air Ambulance had already stabilised the casualty who had suffered an ankle injury. Team members then used a wheeled SAR stretcher to carry him through the steep woodland to a land ambulance which took him onwards to hospital. We wish him a very speedy recovery.

12 jun

South Western Ambulance Service Trust requested the team to assist with an elderly patient on the Camel Trail who had fallen down a steep bank with his mobility scooter. With the help from members of the public the ambulance crew managed to recover the patient to an accessible area as the team were deploying. We wish the patient a speedy recovery.

20 May

Mid-evening the team were called to assist South Western Ambulance Service on Bodmin Moor to aid a walker who had suffered a significant upper arm injury. Working with the ambulance crew the team secured the casualty and recovered them off the moor to the waiting ambulance.

We wish the walker a full and speedy recovery

19 May

In the early hours of this morning the team deployed to assist Devon & Cornwall Police in the search for a missing person in the east of the county. As team members arrived on the scene, the missing person was located by a National Police Air Service helicopter, a great result.

7 may

At 2am this morning the team were called to assist Devon & Cornwall in locating a walker lost in the area of Brown Willy in Bodmin Moor. By communicating with the lost walkers phone, the team were able to obtain a grid reference. Following COVID protection protocols the team deployed with a dog team and single vehicle. At just after 4am the walker was found at the given location, checked over and then transported back to his vehicle.

11 apr

East Cornwall. At the request of the police, the team carried out a technical body recovery with difficult access.

7 mar

The team were called out for another missing person search in the Liskeard area (not the same one as the overnight incident!). Thankfully they were located through police enquiries and the team was not required.

6 mar

Late evening the team were called out to assist D&C police in the search for a high risk missing person with dementia in Liskeard. The team deployed with foot teams and a 4x4 and conducted searches into the early hours. We are happy to report that a sharp eyed member of the public spotted the misper and he was returned to a safe place.


Todays call-out saw the team deploy to the area of Cheesewring Quarry on Bodmin Moor to assist a walker who suffered a lower leg injury. The team were able to secure the casualty and carry out a stretcher lower to the team 4x4 before transporting him to the waiting ambulance. Another great example of inter agency working with South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust whose medics joined us on the hill. We wish the casualty a swift recovery.

20 FEB

A quick redeployment from one part of Bodmin Moor to another as the team were deployed to assist devon and cornwall police in the search for a high risk missing person. At approximately 6.30pm as the team were setting up for a technical rescue training evening at the Cheesewring Quarry the call came and members relocated to the eastern edge of the Moor and swung into full search mode. After extensive searching the team were stood down just before midnight.

14 feb

Our team incident controllers were asked to assist Silver search and rescue coordination cell in relation to severe weather associated with Storm Dennis. Our water team was on stand by throughout the period until the final stand down on 16th Feb.

10 Jan

At 0950 hrs we had a call out from South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust via Devon & Cornwall Police to assist an injured walker. Just as our first team members had arrived at the RV point and our Land Rover was nearing the scene from our new base in Bodmin, we were stood down as thankfully Cornwall Air Ambulance had managed to land close to the casualty. We don't mind getting stood down en route as long as the casualty gets the help they need, and sending two Cornish charities in to help from the sky and the ground always makes sure that one of us will reach them! The air ambulance then took the casualty to hospital. Check out their Facebook page for details of their new Heli Appeal.

5 jan

Bude: Continuation of inland searches from New Years Eve for a missing 23 year old local male. Sadly a body was later found at Widemouth Bay on 10th January.

1 jan

As the team were packing away from the rescue cover on Bodmin Moor, we were called out by Devon and Cornwall Police to search for a high risk missing male on the outskirts of Liskeard. He was located by police units as the team was starting to deploy.

1 Jan

A Happy New Year to all our followers from the top of Brown Willy, Bodmin Moor as Team Members provide cover for the annual New Years Day run organised by truro running club good luck to everyone taking part.

31 DEc

We have been assisting Devon & Cornwall Police in the search for a missing person in the Bude area.